Important Information for foals

Acceptance of the foal after another health check

All auction foals were examined by a veterinary specialist when they were accepted for auction and again at the auction day. You have the possibility to see the results of this examinations at the auction day or please feel free to contact the auction team. The acceptance of the foal has to be carried out by the buyer at the exhibitor‘s residence no later than six months after the birth of the foal.

The foal has to be inspected by a veterinarian appointed by the seller and found to be free of defects was. If possible, the buyer should be present at the inspection; if he is prevented from attending, he must be informed of the result of the inspection immediately by sending a written certificate



Our equine veterinary

Dr. Brigitte Otto (Praxis Dr. Wehr)
Equine veterinary surgeon

Phone: +49 171-9914848

Insurance cover 

The foal you have purchased is covered until 31 December of the current year (but at least until the foal is 6 months old) by an animal life insurance policy from R+V/VTV-Vereinigte Tierversicherung (VTV).

The foal you have purchased in the auction is covered by a life insurance with the R+V/Vereinigte Tierversicherung (VTV) for a period of 12 weeks (but at least on completing the foal’s 6 month of life). The insurance coverage includes losses through death or forced killing as well as permanent uselessness as a riding horse due to disease or accident. Enclosed are losses through theft, robbery, fire, lightning-stroke, and explosion. Also included is transportation by land, air and sea (within 12 weeks) up to the first buyer’s stable.

The indemnity is 80% from the insurance amount (amount due, however with a maximum of 50,000 €) less possible realisation proceeds


In the case of damage

R+V/VTV-Vereinigte Tierversicherung a.G.
Frau Malve Hausharter
Raiffeisenplatz 1
65189 Wiesbaden
Tel. +49 611 5333972
E-Mail: [email protected]

and to the Holsteiner Verband

Your contact persons of R+V/VTV are:
Frau Birte Stapelfeldt
Phone +49 176 57896169
E-Mail: [email protected]

or in person at the auction office


You can extend this insurance (also to a higher amount) beyond the 31 December of the current year with R+V/VTV - Vereinigte Tierversicherung a.G. A new veterinary examination is then omitted.




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